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How Much Does a Tile Roof Cost?

Tiles are sold by the square foot and costs per square vary depending on the tile type. Clay tiles are generally more affordable compared to other tile roofing options but there is considerable variation and options among tile types. To get a better idea of the cost differences between tile types and the costs options to install various options, connect with a professional from Bill Sprauer Roofing.

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Tile Roof Benefits

Clay roofs are known to withstand high winds, hail and even fire. Tile roofs will never decay and are impervious to insect damage and rot. Tile roofs are energy efficient and help maintain internal home temperatures. Because tile roofs are made from geological minerals, they’re every environmentally friendly, since they can be returned to the earth after they are removed. This brings us to the most beneficial attribute found with clay roofs. Tile roofs rarely require maintenance, repairs, or leaks, and can easily last 100 years.

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Tile Roof Options


Windsor Slate

Windsor Shake

Windsor Split Shake



Tile Roofs 101

Tile roofs are perhaps the most suitable for salty, coastal regions and areas that experience hot weather. In Central Texas, we have a prevailing SE wind that comes off of the Gulf of Mexico that most days is blowing brackish, humid air all the way to the central Texas region. Additionally, tile roofs can be practical for areas that receive lots of rain in a short amount of time. Texas also has this type of weather in March and April, and sometimes in October. Roofing framing needs to be extremely sturdy to support the weight of tile roofs, so be sure to consult with a professional like Bill Sprauer Roofing before considering the construction of a tile roof in central Texas.

Common Tile Roof Options

Mediterranean | Iberia | Double lock | Windsor Slate | Windsor Shake | Windsor Split Shake

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